Download Les Miserables Free Game

Spanish composer Paco Santiago allowed his live music to be used in the game on condition that one day the game would be free, that day has come and now Les Miserables: the game of the book has become freeware.

This is in memory of his brother, musician Miguel Santiago, who passed away in 2001. Santiago’s music, like the game, deals with themes like loss, obsession, desperation, and hope.

There’s not a lot more I can say, so here’s a few exerpts…

Windows, and some flavors of Linux (free download is Windows – contact for Linux). This is an old school 2D point and click, so system requirements are modest.
More details:

The free version is only available in English. A paid for version is available in Dutch, with more languages on their way. Every non-Unicode language is potentially covered: Anyone who wishes to add their own language can download the translation file from

This is not the first game based on Les Miserables: years ago there was a hilarious spoof shoot-em-up by a Japanese developer called Takase:
Most people know about the stage musical, but are unaware of the other six stage versions:
Or the forty two movies so far:

If you’re thinking ‘yeah whatevs, giz da free already’, go download it already then.


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