ElevensHD Dealt On iPad

ElevensHDSector3 has announced ‘immediate availability’ of ElevensHD which is the iPad equivalent to Elevens on the iPhone/iPod Touch although, it doesn’t appear to be on the UK iTunes App Store just yet.

ElevensHD is a card version of the game featuring gorgeous high res art, customisable table and card decks as well as OpenFeint integration.

Playing ElevensHD is one of those “just one more go..” games, it keeps you coming back for more, with Leaderboards in all difficulty levels and multiple OpenFeint Achievements, adding up has never been so much fun.

Feature Highlights for ElevensHD:

  • Play the classic game of Elevens on your iPad.
  • Four great game modes – Easy, Medium, Expert and Insane! Each one challenging you with less time but rewarding you with much higher scores.

Choose from four different table colours.

  • Play with four different card decks (more coming soon).
  • Track high scores on a variety of leaderboards locally, globally and against friends.
  • Eight new achievements to play for.

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