That’s-a One Spicy Meatball

Tasty PlanetTasty Planet: Back for Seconds is now available for Mac and Windows. Yeah, that was nice and short wasn’t it?! No, you want more?

Well as you may have seen in previous news about the game, you control a ball of goo with the ability to eat anything smaller than itself, kinda like Osmos, but you don’t get to eat the world in that.

Game info:
The game’s story begins with the goo eating a time machine, causing him to be sent back in time. Players will eat their way through six different time periods: modern, Late Cretaceous (i.e. dinosaurs), Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Feudal Japan, and the distant future. Each time period features a unique set of objects for players to eat. Mice, cats, Tyrannosaurus Rex, mummies, gladiators, and flying saucers are just a few of the hundreds of objects available for consumption.

For more info on Tasty Planet or to get the demo, available for Mac and Windows, go to


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