3D Ninja Monkeys. Need I Say More?

Logo of the PlayStation Network
Image via Wikipedia

A rather boringly titled Swords & Soldiers has been launched onto the PlayStation Network, but as bleh as the name may be, it has 3D support and NINJA MONKEYS!

Oh, it has other stuff like multiplayer, attacking Aztecs and brutal Vikings and RTS type stuff, while being one of the first PSN titles to support 3D capabilities and will have full integration for 3D TVs as well as support for 3D stereoscopic glasses for 2D TVs, but do we really care about that?

Features: In Swords & Soldiers, players select between the Aztec, Viking and Chinese factions to acquire resources, assemble an army and thwart enemies, each with their own missions, campaigns and abilities. Swords & Soldiers features:

  • 30 campaign missions between three aggressive factions
  • 3D TV integration and stereoscopic glasses support
  • Bold, in-your-face graphics with Aztec zombies, Viking warriors and explosive Chinese enemies
  • Local and online multiplayer modes
  • Campaign, Skirmish and Challenge modes plus Survival, Berserker Run and Boulder mini-games to suit any player’s preferences
  • 20 PlayStation Network trophies




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