Xbox Live Deal of the Week 03/01/11

Good ol’ Major Nelson has posted up details of this weeks Deal of the Week, which, has only one thing in common with games, a couple of the deals are based on games…

XBL avatar



This Week


Doctor Outfit (male/female) 240 120 50%
Police Officer #2 (male/female) 240 120 50%
Band Hero Mic w/Stand Prop 240 120 50%
Black Tuxeedo (m) 240 120 50%
Valentine Wedding Dress (f) 240 120 50%
The Executioner Outfit -AC Brotherhood (male/female) 400 240 40%
International Collection – Kilt (m) 160 80 50%
International Collection – Flamenco Dress (f) 160 80 50%
Spring – Bunny Outfit (male/female) 240 120 50%

For a bit more info, images and if you like, buy them to queue for download, go to the Deal of the Week page on Oh, and they’re mainly for Gold members only, sorry.


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