What a Load of Billiards

One of numerous proper racks
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I like a good game of pool, but I haven’t really played a good one since Jimmy White‘s which unfortunately doesn’t work on recent systems and the only other that was any good was Bankshot Billliards 2 on XBLA of which I thought (and still think) was overpriced.

Now a new contender enters the ring called Billiard Kings 2 that features all the usual game modes with a ‘modern, powerful 3D engine’, not sure if that’s a bit of a rough translation from the German company, Soft Xpansion though.

  • New: American Snooker
  • New: Multi-stage trick shots
  • New: Master Class – a new mode which enables players to freely place the balls on the table, play with the desired inventories and to try and create their own trick shots
  • Now 13 games in one program: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 14/1-Ball, One Pocket, Cowboy Pool, Snooker, American Snooker, Pyramid, English and Russian Billiard, 5 Pins, Carambol
  • Multiplayer mode on the same computer, in a network or via Internet
  • Play against the computer (five levels of difficulty)
  • Championship mode enables players to take part in competitions
  • Improved 3D engine for realistic ball movements and kicks
  • Special tutor mode (kick tracing) makes understanding the kick techniques and the results forecasting easier
  • Gaming environment may be changed (three rooms, interior design, equipment)
  • Includes Billiard table designs adapted from the leading German manufacturer Dynamic Billiard Organisation GmbH

All the info can be found on www.soft-xpansion.com.


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