Quadra… Ummm

Person holding a Windows Phone 7
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

There was no information about this other than a link to a YouTube video and then even that just says, “Quadra is a twin touch shooter on WP7” so I’m guessing that Quadra is a twin touch shooter on Windows Phone 7.

It’s available now, from where, I’m not sure due to knowing nothing more than the publisher is Occasional Gamer, so by the power of Google, it brings up www.occasionalgamer.com and the page for the game is on there. Huzzah!

Defend your core and target your enemies in this frantic dual touch shooter.

– Use the multi touch enabled screen to target multiple enemies
– Predict enemy patterns for maximum kill efficiency
– Absorb dead enemies to level up your core
– Post your scores online against the best of the best

Download from the WP7 Marketplace


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