See Some Paxton Fettel F.3.A.R. Gameplay

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment would like to give you a Valentines Day treat in the form of some screenshots and a trailer featuring single player gameplay with Paxton Fettel.

F3ARPaxtonFettel01.jpg F3ARPaxtonFettel02.jpg F3ARPaxtonFettel03.jpg F3ARPaxtonFettel04.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

You will have the chance to unlock him at the end of each level after first playing through a level as Point Man in the single player campaign.

More info:
Paxton Fettel offers a unique single player experience focused on his supernatural abilities giving players a new way to play through the level in a way that’s different from Point Man’s enhanced super soldier abilities. In the single player campaign, Fettel will wield his telekinetic abilities to suspend, possess, stun or crush enemies. Giving players a choice in who they play as in single player offers additional gameplay value and enables players to re-play a level using different powers and tactics.


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